About Us

    Parkway United Methodist Church is a great place of worship and fellowship in Milton, MA. Whether you want to grow spiritually or overcome life’s problems, we are here for you. Our church is led by Senior Pastor, Rev. Kathryn Johnson. The church leadership has been instrumental in leading many people to Christ, making strong disciples, and doing work in the local and global communities. Our urban ministry also seeks to unite Methodist women and men.

    Mission Statement

    We believe that we are called by God in Christ:
    • To invite people of all ages, sociological backgrounds and conditions to know Christ

    • To train them to be Christ's disciples

    • To create an environment where they are empowered by the Holy Spirit

    • To motivate them to do the will of God through acts of love and service in the local and global communities

    Vision Statement

    Guided by God, united in Christ in a spirit of love, we will joyfully further the kingdom in an inclusive community through prayer, study, worship, mutual support and fellowship, service and missionary outreach.

    New England Conference of the United Methodist Church

    United Methodist Church

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    Are you looking to know God in a deeper way and enjoy his presence? We welcome you to our church! Get in touch with us today!